I usually post my movie feedbacks (I don’t want to call them reviews) on my other blog, https://maiadventures.cdeo.ph/,  but I decided to add some movie-related inputs here. I haven’t really talked about movies a lot here, only books and TV shows. Anyway, I’m going to talk about one of my favorites this year: Spiderman Homecoming, which I watched at Centrio Cinema last weekend.

I remember very few details about the last Spiderman movie I saw (except for its stars, of course) because there weren’t a lot of memorable things about it. This new installment, headlined by Tom Holland, is a breath of fresh air. It’s something I would watch over and over.

It’s not a perfect movie but it’s good and it’s one of Marvel’s best so far. There are particularly five reasons why I love Spiderman Homecoming:

1.No spotlight on Spidey’s origins, thank you!

Unlike most Spiderman movies, Homecoming does not give us Peter Parker’s backstory, including how he lost his beloved Uncle Ben. Instead, the movie starts several months after Spidey joined his fellow superheroes on Civil War. Also, it shows a young Peter (which is how he should really be) – innocent, curious, and anxious to explore his extraordinary abilities. It features a young man eager to use his special powers to “save the world”.

You’ll see a typical teenager worrying about stuff that guys like him worry about, including a school bully, a decathlon, and detention. When nobody’s looking, though, he likes to jump and fly from building to building while testing his web-slinging abilities. The scenes are fun to watch; the kind that puts a smile on your face.

2.Tom Holland

In my opinion, no actor can be Spiderman/Peter Parker better than Tom Holland. He was made for this role. He looks like a high school student and he acts like one. He’s cool but he’s also a geek. He’s confident but he’s also unsure about a lot of things. Holland plays the part with the right kind of perfect. He is able to convey a variety of emotions without losing the high school innocence his character possesses.

The thing that I love most about Spiderman is his being human. He is a kid; a high school student who has to deal with day-to-day problems. He’s just like any teenager except for the fact that he has superpowers. All these are perfectly interpreted by Holland in the movie.

Spiderman Homecoming 1

3.Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton plays the role of Adrian Toomes/Vulture, a character that a lot of Spiderman fans have been waiting for. I’ve always admired Keaton and in this movie, he does not disappoint. You’ll marvel at his gradual transformation, particularly in a car scene with Holland. His body language, the intensity of his emotions, the look in his eyes. Keaton lives and breathes the Vulture in this movie.

If Holland was made for the role of Spidey, Keaton was made for Vulture.

4.It’s character-driven.

I like movies or stories that focus on the character. They’re more interesting and challenging. Homecoming’s storyline may not get a 100% mark, but it’s way above the passing level because it successfully drives audiences to think about the characters, especially Peter and the Vulture. It allows audiences to examine these characters.

As a result of this focus on character, it is a unique Spiderman movie. It’s not a prequel or a sequel, and it certainly is not a retelling of a story that has been told several times.

5.Diverse cast that audiences accept.

I’m not one of those who complain about race-related casting issues. Nope, that’s not in my dictionary. But I am happy to see quite a diverse cast, and even happier that nobody’s complaining about it. It’s good to know that audiences are paying more attention to the performances more than anything else, because the Spiderman Homecoming ensemble is definitely an impressive bunch.

Spiderman Homecoming 2

Spiderman Homecoming is still showing in theaters nationwide. So you still have a chance to catch Peter Parker swing his web. And, oh, don’t leave the moviehouse right away or you’ll miss two awesome post-credit scenes!

Spiderman Homecoming

Director: Jon Watts

Starring: Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr, Jon Favreau, Donald Glover, Zendaya

MTRCB Rating: PG (Parental Guidance)


P.S. If you want more information and a more detailed review of Spiderman Homecoming, check out this video review by one of my YouTube favorites, Chris Stuckmann.


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