Septtie Y. Jacot was a student at Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan when she wrote the song “Fill the Darkness With Your Light”. At that time, she was also in her 2nd year with the religious organization ACIL (Ateneo Catechetical Instructions League), a group that is devoted to teaching cathecism in public schools and squatters’ areas. Her exposure to children in these communities gave her hope and inspiration, which made her write the song.

Released as a prayer video in April 2020, “Fill the Darkness with Your Life” is the song of comfort that we need in these challenging times. Here are several lines lifted from the song:

“Lord, I know now what I want to do

I have found my strength when I came to You

You have sent me to help with my brothers

And make them happy as You made me, too.

Lord, I know now what I want to do

I have found my strength when I came to You

You have sent me to help with my brothers

And fill their darkness with Your light.”

According to Septtie, when she wrote the song, she wasn’t in a good phase in her life. She found comfort, hope, and worth in ACIL’s cathecism activities and became particularly close to the children in the public schools and squatters’ areas they went to.

“I remember feeling so happy and fulfilled when we would go to the public schools and ‘basakan’ (fields) to teach. And the kids, despite their surroundings and situation, they were just so happy to see us. They would literally jump with joy and run towards us when we arrived. I would get hugs and they would hold my hand. It’s like I felt that we brought light to their lives – and they also brought life to mine.”

Septtie believes that cathecism taught her how to appreciate what she had.

It has been several years since Septtie wrote “Fill the Darkness with Your Light”, and she hasn’t been writing songs since college as she’s busy with work and taking care of her son. But, the song continues to have a strong impact on her. It holds even more meaning now with the challenges of the current global health crisis.

Septtie reflects on the song’s meaning and effect on her:

“I’m really very happy that Fill the Darkness with Your Light has provided some sort of comfort and solace to some people during these times. Even after I left ACIL, I made it a part of my life to help others in any way I can, even in small ways. Whether it’s in kind, with my time, or a little amount – in any way you can, whether it’s by smiling or just being kind, I really try my best. We never really know what others are going through. So, maybe, just maybe, we can make their lives better or make them a little happy.”

Everyone needs the hope and inspiration that Septtie found through the song, so Kagay-anons deserve to hear it again. Tomorrow, Sept 09, the radio edit will be released on YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, TikTok, Amazon Music, and other digital music stores. With everything that’s been happening all over the world, Septtie’s song might just be the antidote we all need.

Septtie hopes that through her song, Kagay-anons will realize that, “It’s by letting ourselves be instruments to help and improve other people’s lives even a little bit when we are really bringing light to whatever darkness they might be feeling.”

The radio edit version of Septtie’s “Fill the Darkness with Your Light” is performed by Dreamboard Artists with accompaniment arranged by Elvis C. Somosot. Recorded under the DBA Studios PH label, its music is directed, mixed, and produced by Donie M. Galigao.

Greet Septtie a happy birthday tomorrow by streaming “FIll the Darkness with Your Light” on your favorite digital music store or channel. Let’s fill the world with light, inspiration, and hope!

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  1. Happiest birthday my beautiful idol Septtie. Thank you so much for writing this beautiful song of hope and comfort. God bless. ❤️??

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