The Orororama Chain of Stores is always abuzz with shoppers, especially during the holidays. Aside from the affordable prices, Ororama stores also have one of the most extensive varieties of shopping items in Cagayan de Oro. In addition to this, Ororama Cogon now has an annex building, so there are more good quality affordable items shoppers can choose from.

To help you plan your Ororama holiday shopping schedule, here is a photo showing the December 2017 store hours for both Ororama Cogon and Ororama Carmen.

Ororama Holiday Hours 2017


Ororama will also have several special events and activities for the Christmas season, starting with the Ororama Holiday Fashion Show happening tomorrow, December 9. The show will feature Ororama Department Store’s latest collections. Check out the details of the event below:

Ororama Fashion Show

The fashion show is the perfect way to check out how you can spice up your closet for the merry holidays.


If you’re ready to shop ’till you drop, see you in Ororama!

Happy holidays, everyone! 🙂

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