In 2018, I featured Louie Talents and his unique visual masterpiece of an exhibit in France. This year, Louie has conquered the French art scene yet again with his Atten-Hut Art Project. This new exhibit is a testament of how much he has accomplished – from the days when he experimented and played around with his crayons, Cray-Pas oil pastels, and watercolors, his XU years, and his UP FIne Art days. UP was actually where the concept of Atten-Hut first came up. So, yes, the Atten-Hut Art Project, which is Louie’s own way of commemorating Philippine Independence Day, has come a long way as well.

I was fortunate enough to have experienced Louie’s exhibit in Xavier University many years ago, where he introduced his passion project to me. At that time, the Mamasapano Massacre made the rounds of all news stations and media outlets. Louie dedicated his installation to the fallen soldiers and victims of the tragic incident.

A couple of weeks ago, Louie shared with me his reason for bringing back the Atten-Hut Art Project, which he has also exhibited in France along with a new series of artworks intended to raise awareness about the war in Ukraine. Here’s what Louie told me:

“My father died when i was 10 years old and my best memory of him was the two of us playing toy soldiers together. He died on June 12, which happens to be our Independence Day celebration and thus, this project came into fruition.

Back in June 12, 2013, it was a collaborative installation wherein law students and lawyers participated in the installation of 21,000 pcs of toy soldiers to raise awareness on justice reform. It was the hype back then of Chief Justice Corona’s Trial.

Latrer on, Curator Chitz Ramirez contacted me, along with Eileen Ramirez, asking me to re-install them in the Metropolitan Museum in Manila for the coming of Queen Sofia of Spain to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Cadiz Constitution ( Spanish-Filipino Friendship Day ).

Fast forward to today: I got caught up with my eight (8) on going art projects and I suddenly remembered that I promised the volunteers who helped in the installation in XU’s Lucas Hall that one day, I’ll bring the installation to Europe. 

With the war in Ukraine, despite my busy schedule, I decided to re-install them here in Brest, France. It is my way of raising awareness in the fact that the enemy of war is war itself. The toy soldiers form the French word ‘’ PAIX’’, which means peace in English. The City of Brest holds much story of war and is an active naval base of France. It was also here that high ranking generals and officials had their meeting before the war in Ukraine. The installation is entitled ‘How can we talk about peace with guns in hand?´ . 

It’s crazy how people are concerned about the war in the beginning and now that it’s been a year and half already, it seems that world has gone silent about what is going on in Ukraine.

As I celebrate the death anniversary of my father, and as we celebrate our Independence Day, may we consider in our thoughts, through this installation, the people and families devastated in the War in Ukraine.”

Here are some photos of Louie’s Atten-Hut Art Installation:

21,000 toy soldiers
PAIX = Peace

Louie also has a new series of artworks for the Atten-Hut Art Project. Instead of using canvas, he used military canvas.

“The heavy gestural are actually silhouette face figures, symbols of people being stitched apart by war; or being stitched closer.”

A portion of the sales of Louie’s artworks will be handed over to families in need in Ukraine.

Check out the crowd that trooped to the exhibit’s opening:

Congratulations, Louie! I salute you for using your visual artistry to reach out to and help others; to help raise public awareness on socially relevant issues. I hope to see your exhibit here in Cagayan de Oro soon.

To be happy is now! 🙂

(All photos provided by Louie Talents)

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