Planning for the weekend? What better way to enjoy your time away from work or school than to feast on good food, right? Ah, but you’re worried about your limited budget. Believe it or not, even in these difficult times, you can still enjoy your favorite food at affordable rates. The best thing about it is you don’t have to leave the house or wait in long lines to order – GrabFood can do everything for you!

I’ve always been a fan of ordering online. Even before the pandemic lockdown in 2020, I was already ordering our food online at least twice or thrice a week. I find it convenient, especially for our small family of four (my dad, husband, fur baby, and I). It’s just the four of us at home and we’re sometimes too lazy, busy, or do not have anything to cook. So, food delivery apps are a blessing for us.

Some people would probably say, “Ah, how expensive!” But you’ll be surprised at how many good deals you’ll find, especially on GrabFood. You just have to know where to look for these money-saving offers.

One of the cool deals that I’ve tried out several times already is GrabFood’s Everyday Value Meals. For as low as P99, you’ll get to enjoy good food from some of your favorite restaurants, milk tea shops, and cafes. And on top of this, you’ll always find daily promos for even more savings! It’s an awesome deal, especially for those who have a limited budget. Here’s how you can find Everyday Value Meals on GrabFood:

1. Open the Grab App. (Don’t have one yet? Download the app now! It’s on the App Store and Play Store.)

2. Tap on Food. Look for the icon for Starts at P99+ and tap on that. The app will then display all the vendors offering awesome good food deals.

3. If you want to save on delivery charges, there are tabs at the top portion of the page. Tap on Nearby for vendors located near your area. You can also tap FREE Delivery or Promo, and you just might find special offers.

4. Choose your vendor and start ordering your weekend feast!

If you can’t decide what to order, allow me to give you some ideas. Here are my top 5 favorite GrabFood Everyday Value Meals – maybe you’ll find one or two that can satisfy your cravings. I live in the Gusa area, but I was able to order from vendors as far as Pabayo and Macanhan.

1. For Brunch: Siomai sa Tisa Silog Meals

Chorizolog at P95

Pork Tocino Rice Toppings at P95

Pork Humba Rice Toppings at P110

What I like most about Siomai sa Tisa’s silog meals is the generous serving. My chorizolog was enough to satisfy my hunger. My dad and husband enjoyed their meals as well. No complaints whatsoever.

2. To quench your thirst (or satisfy your sweet tooth): Sweet Leaf Bubble Tea Café milk tea and fruit tea

Salted Cream Matcha with Coffee Jelly at P115

Two Berries Fruit Tea at P100

I just added another matcha favorite to my list! I like the salted cream combination, and adding coffee jelly helped neutralize the strong matcha flavor. Absolutely perfect for this matcha lover!

My husband devoured his Two Berries fruit tea in no time, so I guess that’s enough validation of how good it is!

3. For merienda: Mexican Craze (Ororama) Beef and Chicken Tacos

Beef Taco at P60.00

Chicken Taco at P55.00

I like the crunchy taco shell, the generous cheese toppings, and all the veggies that complete an authentic taco experience. My dad absolutely enjoyed his beef taco!

4. For dinner (option 1): Jeddy Fried Chicken’s (Macanhan) Fried Chicken with Rice Meals

Regular Fried Chicken with Rice at P55

Medium Fried Chicken with Rice at P65

Jeddy Fried Chicken has always been our go-to vendor when we need affordable food that satisfies. It’s not KFC or Kenny Rogers, but it’s good chicken. It never fails to calm my grumbling stomach!

5. For dinner (option 2): Lugawan Bulalohan sa La Creolle’s Plain Batchoy

Plain Batchoy (no egg) at P60

*Batchoy with egg is at P90

Ahhhh, steaming hot batchoy on a rainy evening. What else can be better than that? Lugawan Bulalohan’s batchoy is a long-time favorite. It’s served hot (yes, even when delivered) and it’s not just “powdered soup”; it’s authentic batchoy. With the generous serving, two persons can enjoy one order. Definitely an awesome deal at P60!!!

I also like Lugawan’s packaging. The plastic containers are tightly sealed and reusable (and microwaveable). There weren’t any trace of spilled soup inside the paper bag!

So, you see, ordering food online can be a fun and practical experience – especially with GrabFood. All you have to do is choose from their Everyday Value Meals and you’re ready for a weekend of affordable food fest.

Download the Grab app now and enjoy your GrabFood value meals with your loved ones. Bon appetit

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