June is here!

The sixth month of the year, which is named after the Roman goddess Juno, signals the start of the school year here in the Philippines. And, as Juno is the goddess of marriage, June is also the month when a lot of couples exchange “I Dos”.

To create a celebratory atmosphere, the Centrio Mall management has come up with an exciting list of activities for June. Check out the events below and start planning your mall visits:

Centrio Mall Cover Photo

June 01 – Melody & Rhyme Recital, Activity Center

June 05 – Tri-Star Bloodletting Event, Activity Center

June 08 – Rondalla by Pilgrim College, Activity Center

June 12 – Philippine Independence Day Celebration, Activity Center

June 14 – World Blood Day, Activity Center

June 17 to 19 – Subaru & Suzuki Car Exhibit, Activity Center

June 19 – Father’s Day Celebration

June 21 to 26 – PNPA Book Launch, Activity Center

June 25 – Nick Jr. Playdate, Activity Center

Other activities include:

-HIMUGSO, the joint celebration of Philippine Independence Day and Cagayan de Oro City Charter Day (June 12 – 15). There will be a city-wide sale on June 15, Charter Day.

-Mixed Dance Classes, every Tuesday and Thursday

-The Blooms Market, June 24 to 26, an indoor garden show featuring the local florists of Cagayan de Oro. Blooms Market will be a whole day event, from 10am to 9pm.


It’s going to be an exciting June at Centrio Mall. So, see you there!


(For more updates, like Centrio Mall’s Facebook page here. Follow Centrio’s Twitter and Instagram accounts: twitter.com/ayalacentrio and @ilovecentrio.)

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