The first time he stepped onstage to perform, John Michael Verson knew it was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Well, that first time was followed by many more, so John Michael is definitely on his way to achieving his goal. In fact, he’s about to release a song he wrote called Salamat, Patawad.

According to John Michael, Salamat, Patawad is inspired by a friend’s story. It is a song about friendship and love. It’s also about sacrificing and learning to let go. The song will be released on September 10 through various digital music platforms.

Before revealing the message he wants to impart through Salamat, Patawad, let’s get to know more about John Michael first.

John Michael Verson

Have you always wanted to be an artist/performer? When did you realize it was what you wanted to do?

Yes. When I first stepped onstage to perform in front of many people, I realized that I wanted to become an artist – a singer and songwriter. I want to inspire people through singing, performing, and composing inspirational songs.

When did you start performing? What was that first time like? How did you feel after the performance?

When I was in 1st year college, I performed in front of a large audience when I joined MUST Got Talent. I did not win in the said competition, but I felt so blessed. It was my first time to finish singing a song even if I was nervous. For that, I already felt like a winner. That was when my confidence started to improve.

Do you have artists/performers that you consider as your inspiration? Any artist you look up to? Musical influences?  

Yes, I look up to several artists. Gary V, Jose Mari Chan, and Ogie Alcasid. They influence me not just by the way they perform onstage, with a heart, but also the way they compose their songs. They are truly world-class performers.

What advice given to you by a family member or a co-artist do you hold close to your heart? Why?

John Michael Verson 1

Stay humble always, no matter what. As an artist or performer, people will look up to you and even make you their “idol”. You have to be a good role model.

How often do you practice? Do you have a routine for every performance?

A week before a performance, I practice twice every day, starting with vocal warm-up exercises.

Aside from performing, what else do you love to do?

Aside from performing, I also love writing songs, acting onstage (theater), directing plays, painting, drawing, modeling, and teaching.

 What advice would you like to share with aspiring young artists?

Keep on dreaming. You don’t pay anything if you dream big. Of course, you have to work on it. Work on your dream.. Be humble and trust the plans/process. Your character is what matters most.

Now, let’s talk about Salamat, Patawad:

Salamat, Patawad
Salamat, Patawad

What inspired you to write Salamat, Patawad?

It is based on the story of a friend.  Salamat, Patawad is about love.  A love that grows from friendship.  Sometimes, you know you are both in love but certain factors make your relationship create chaos and disturbance on others.  You will learn to accept the situation and forgive the people that prevent your relationship from progressing.  Although you love the person dearly, you understand that you need to let go. Salamat, Patawad is about saying,  “Thank you for the love and the memories, but sorry, we have to end this way.”

How do you think the song will affect the listeners?

I think they’ll realize that sometimes, it’s hard to let go, but if we love the person, loving is letting go. You need to sacrifice your love so that everyone (and everything) will be at peace.

Salamat, Patawad is written and performed by John Michael F. Verson and co-arranged by Kenneth Fabre and Kevin Y. Aton. The instruments and samples were recorded by Bam Roa. Back-up vocals is provided by Leanne Angel Sajonia. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Bammers Studio in Kauswaagan, Salamat, Patawad is under the DBA Studios PH record label, with Donie M. Galigao as music business consultant.

On Friday, Sept. 10, you can stream Salamat, Patawad via YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, TikTok, Amazon Music, and other digital music platforms. Every stream will help push John Michael get closer to his goals.

John Michael is an active member of DreamBoard Artists.

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  1. I can love tha song how it the story come from and i thinks most person experience this kind of love story. Yes, its hurts to let go but wala eh mahal kung san sya masaya yun din ang ikakasayo mo kahit masakit na di na ikaw nagpapasaya sa kanya.

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