One of my favorite places here in Cagayan de Oro is Seda Centrio Hotel. It’s the perfect destination if you want a relaxing ambiance, good food, and quality service. Every time we dine at Misto or stay in one of their comfortably furnished rooms, we feel like royalties. It’s always the best experience.

The Ambiance & World-Class Service

There’s nothing quite like Seda Centrio when it comes to the overall feel that it gives me. Every time I enter its plush lobby, I am transported into a calm and relaxing place. The earth tones and simple but elegant furnishings embrace me like a good friend and I feel completely welcome.

What adds to the beauty of Seda is its friendly hotel personnel. Everyone I meet has a ready smile. They make me feel important; that I matter to them. They’re always ready to help out with whatever it is that I need. And they are never intimidating. You know that feeling you get when you go inside a hotel and you immediately feel like everyone’s looking at you from head to toe? There’s nothing like that at Seda. They welcome everyone and treat all their guests.

Nope, there are no fancy decors or shiny and shimmering details, but Seda Centrio is everything elegant and sophisticated. It has everything a world-class hotel should have.

The Food

Every time a friend or relative asks me for recommendations about good food places in CDO, Seda Centrio is on my list. Located on the 4th floor of the hotel, Misto is a food connoisseur’s haven. From breakfast all the way until dinner (and even your nightcap!), it has all the food and beverages you crave for.

Its menu is varied and caters to all types of food lovers. If you want local favorites, Misto has some of the best for you. If you prefer international cuisine, the restaurant has exactly what you’re looking for! To top it all off, they offer special dishes from time-to-time.

And who could resist Misto’s signature buffet offerings? Cold cuts, cheeses, salads, special rice dishes, the juiciest meats, chicken, seafood, and the sweetest desserts. All these favorites in one buffet. That’s an absolute foodie high for you!

My Misto favorites are their cold cuts and cheeses, their bread and dip varieties, pasta, soups, and their grilled specials. I also love it when they come up with unique buffet offerings like Japanese cuisine and Christmas favorites. Likewise, their Poke Bowls are to-die-for!

The Rooms

Seda Centrio Premier Room
Seda Centrio Premier Room

Seda Centrio, in my opinion, has the best rooms on this side of the country. My husband and I have had the pleasure of staying in some of their rooms several times and each of our experiences were incredibly memorable.

The interiors, like the lobby, are awash with neutral tones. It’s all so calming and relaxing.

I like the simple elegance of the rooms, too. The fluffy bed and pillows, the sturdy and comfortable chair, the spacious cabinet and drawers, the small ref, and the beautiful bathroom. They all made me giddy with excitement the first time I walked into the room!

My 2016 Seda Centrio personalized birthday cake

What made our stays extra special was the touch of personal service the Seda staff gave us. The first two times we were there, it was my post-birthday celebration. Earlier this year, we stayed in one of their Premier rooms for my husband’s birthday. They prepared delicious personalized birthday cakes for us! I found their gesture completely sweet and thoughtful.

Some of the rooms at Seda Centrio (like the Premier ones) come with perks like access of the Club Lounge and refreshing cocktails served just before dinner.

The Amenities

Seda Centrio has one of the most relaxing pools in CDO. I can attest to this because I’ve swum in its waters several times already. The water’s just right – not hot but not that cold. Jumping into the pool means rewarding yourself with a refreshing experience that you can only get once in a while.

The hotel also boasts of a gym equipped with high-quality and functional fitness equipment. It may not be that big or spacious but it still guarantees you a good and adrenaline-pumping workout.

The Meeting Room

Aside from the restaurant, Sinamay function room, and the amenities, another favorite of mine is Seda’s Meeting Room. While Sinamay can accommodate up to 120 persons, the Meeting Room is ideal for small groups and intimate gatherings like meetings. It can comfortably fit up to 12 persons.

My first time to use the Meeting Room was in 2015, when Seda invited our theater group to stage The Vagina Monologues at the Sinamay Function Room. They converted the Meeting Room into our backstage/dressing room. I was completely smitten the minute I stepped into the room. The cast members were able to relax, throw lines, internalize, and put on their makeup in fashionable comfort.

Like all the other rooms and areas in the hotel, the Meeting Room is in neutral colors/earth tones. A long table and some comfortable black chairs are in the middle of the room. All the amenities needed for a meeting are inside, too, including a projector and screen.

The room is cozy and cool because of the flowing (and thick!) curtains that block the sunlight. And the air conditioning system blasts out cold air even in the middle of the summer season.

I recently experienced (again!) the comfort and convenience of Seda’s Meeting Room when I joined the Getting to Know You session of the board members, officers, and newest members of CDO Bloggers. It was an experience I will never forget because our friends at Seda Centrio went all out in making sure we were well taken care of. They did not only allow us to enjoy the comfort of the Meeting Room, but they also served us some of their most appetizing, mouthwatering, and satisfying dishes!

The Food….Again! 

During our GTKY session, Seda Centrio gave us generous samplings of their newest offerings.

Misto’s Charcuterie and Cheese Platter occupies one of the top spots in my list. Like what I mentioned earlier, I love their cold cuts and cheeses. In fact, I can spend an entire afternoon (or evening) savoring just these treats.

Charcuterie and Cheese
Charcuterie and Cheese

This special Charcuterie and Cheese Platter offers you an interesting and palate-pleasing variety: Salami Milano, Parma Ham, Smoked Salmon, Salami Picante, Parmesan, Blue Cheese, Manchego Cheese, and Gouda Cheese. You’ll also love the nuts, pickles, apricot, dried figs, and green apple.

Enjoy this sumptuous platter with friends and family for only Php1,500 (nett).

Next up, we had the Suds and Sides Platter, which is available for Php1,100 (nett). This is perfect for those who want to enjoy good food with their favorite beer as each order comes with six bottles.

Suds and Sides
Suds and Sides

Pair off your ice cold drink with Bone Marrow, crunchy and addicting Chicharon Bulaklak, crispy and tasty Lechon Kawali, and Sous Vide Beef Tendon (which I wasn’t able to take a photo of).

The beef tendon is really juicy and meaty. A bit of spicy flavor adds some excitement to every bite. I wasn’t able to taste the Bone Marrow, but I did enjoy several servings of Chicharon Bulaklak (which I paired with my rice!).

I don’t drink beer, but I know some people who’d love to feast on this platter every day of the week!

I genuinely enjoyed Misto’s Meat Platter the most. I loved the BBQ Ribs (although I couldn’t finish the slab/serving that I put on my plate!), the chicken, the Lechon Kawali, and the vegetables. I also experimented with the sauces and place a small amount of each on my rice. For a nett price of Php1,699, this platter can be your meeting favorite as there’s something for everyone.

Meat Platter
Meat Platter

For the Meat Platter, you can choose to go with Peruvian Chicken, Inasal Chicken, or Fried Chicken.

The Surf and Turf Platter; which came with Grilled Prawns, Baked Mussels,BBQ Ribs, and chicken (Peruvian, Fried, or Inasal), is another personal favorite. I loved the prawns and ate quite a lot of it. Juicy, flavorful, and with its meat so tender, I just couldn’t stop myself!

I didn’t eat the mussels, though, as I am allergic to it. But my fellow bloggers had fun feasting on them, so I know it’s more than good!

All these platters are ideal for groups of three to four, so they’re the right choices for your meetings and intimate gatherings. Everything you want and crave for are in one platter (or you can choose to have all four varieties) – and the prices are really affordable! This is another reason why every Seda experience is the best – they know how to satisfy you in the most practical way possible, and it’s all because they genuinely care for you.

Misto also has Executive Lunch Sets for those who prefer a bit of international flavor for their meetings and gatherings. These lunch sets are composed of three courses (soup, salad, and main entree) of the finest and tastiest international favorites made from the most authentic, freshest, and highest quality of ingredients.

Available for Php499 (nett), the Executive Lunch Sets are served from Monday to Friday, from 11am to 2pm.

The Best Times are Always at Seda Centrio

All these are reasons why Seda Centrio always gives me the best of times and the most memorable experiences. Whatever the occasion is – whether it’s a simple get-together, a quiet dinner, an overnight staycation, a meeting, or a show with a cause, the hotel always welcomes me – and everyone else – by giving only the best they offer. You’re well taken care of. You’re treated like a VIP. You’re rewarded with the best and friendliest service. And you’re guaranteed to go home with the happiest, most beautiful, and inspiring memories.

Gather special moments at Seda Centrio by getting in touch with them at 0917-577 5910 or 088-323 8888. If you want the perfect dining experience, reserve a table with them through their online booking system at their F&B Reservation Page.

Have fun and enjoy your Seda Centrio experience!

Posing with Seda Centrio’s Seddy
Posing with Seda Centrio’s Seddy








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