According to my dad, the first time I traveled via airplane was in 1969 and I was barely a year old. Obviously, I don’t remember anything about that trip. What I do remember, however, are the times we flew to Davao and Metro Manila via Philippine Airlines. I remember these moments quite well because they were the reasons I learned to love riding in airplanes.

Back in the 1970s, I felt like a princess every time we traveled via PAL. We were well taken care of by the ground personnel and the flight crew. We enjoyed good food and cold drinks. And I slept soundly in the comfort of the airline’s seats. I also remember the pretty and kind flight attendants (we called them flight stewardess then). They were always ready to assist passengers and their primary concern was our comfort and safety.

I remember a story about my sister Connie’s exciting experience aboard PAL. My dad said my sister was all smiles because the flight attendant gave her a bag of goodies (candies!). What made that flight even more memorable was when my sister was invited by the captain inside the cockpit!

There was also a time when she traveled to Davao alone and the flight crew made sure she was extra comfortable. She was beaming when she went down the plane. I can just imagine what adventure she had on that flight!

Philippine Airlines in 2018

All the memories I shared happened quite a long time ago, yet the kind of service I experienced is the same one that PAL extends to its passengers today. I know because I fly with PAL a lot. I see the same warm welcoming smiles, the same extra care and attention, and the same genuine excitement to serve.

Flying to Manila via Philippine Airlines for Blogapalooza ConnecteD.

Just recently, I got to experience this commitment to customer service and satisfaction once again when PAL flew my fellow CDO Bloggers and I to the Blogapalooza ConnecteD event in Manila. Our friends from Iligan Bloggers Society were also with us.

Boarding - PAL
CDO Bloggers’ Karen Chayne Sanchez about to board our PAL flight to Manila.

From the boarding all the way to our arrival at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2, we were well taken care of. Our seats were extra comfortable and the food was good. Ours was a red-eye flight and it was a smooth one.

PAL Food
My favorite airline activity. Watching my fave TV series and enjoying PAL’s good food.

So, yes, despite the many years that have passed since my first flying experience with Philippine Airlines, their commitment to first-rate service has remained. One should therefore not wonder why more and more people have decided to fly PAL to their destinations – anywhere in the Philippines or in some of the most exciting countries in the world.

CDO Bloggers and Iligan Bloggers on Philippine Airlines
CDO Bloggers and Iligan Bloggers pose with the PAL cabin crew. Photo by Germz Nabua.

Thank you, Philippine Airlines, for continuously taking care of the Filipino traveler!

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