Ah, fiestas! I love the sounds, the colors, and all the festivities that happen during the fiesta season. Seeing people with smiles on their faces, knowing that everyone is in a celebratory mood; this somehow lifts up my days.

And, of course, if it’s fiesta you’re talking about and you’re in the Philippines, there has to be parades. Whether it’s a carnival parade, a religious parade, or a parade of icons, it’s always interesting to go out in the streets and witness such a colorful event.I find it intriguing because I know that each parade has a story to tell.

I remember participating in the city fiesta parade back in the early 80s, when I was still in high school. We walked and walked the whole morning, wearing our majorette’s boots. It was fun! But by the time the parade ended, we were drenced in sweat as our costumes were a bit hot.

We were lucky, though, because the owners of our school used to have a hotel and after every city fiesta parade, we stayed there to change and relax. Because we were able to cool down comfortablty, we enjoyed the rest of the day’s festivities.

Higalaay 2016 Parades at The Pacifico Boutique Hotel

Each year, as soon as August sets in, Cagayan de Oro is dressed in colorful festival decorations. Activities happen one after the other. This is in celebration of the Higalaay Festival, which commemorates the Feast of St. Augustine on August 28. The festival celebrates friendship (higalaay is from the word higala, which means “friend, pal, or chum”).

Today, our fiesta celebration has not just one or two, but three parades. The first one, the Higalaay Carnival Parade, took place last weekend. The Higalaay Festival Parade of  Floats and Icons, meanwhile, will happen on Saturday, August 27. On  August 28, the annual religious procession commemorating the Feast of St. Augustine will take place.


The Pacifico Boutique Hotel, one of the city’s most modern accomodations, is right in the middle of these interesting and colorful parades.Located along Fernandez and Velez Streets, the hotel is just several steps away from the starting point of the parade and the procession.

So, if you want to witness the festivities in the most comfortable and pampered way possible, book a room at the hotel. This is the best time to do so because the hotel just launched a mega discounted promo rate for their standard and deluxe rooms.


For a minimum 2-night stay, you can enjoy The Pacifico Boutique Hotel’s highly equipped, modern, and spacious rooms for only Php1499 (book and buy basis). Each room comes with a FREE breakfast for two (2), plus luxurious and comfortable 12-inch thick mattresses with bamboo silk sheets. You’ll also love the 40-inch wide screen cable TV, the large bathroom with hot and cold water running through showerheads, and the fast (1ooMbps) wireless Internet.

You can watch the parade in the comfort of your room as it offers a floor-to-ceiling view of the city. Or, you can choose to join other guests witness the colorful parade at the air conditioned mezzanine.


Later in the day, when all the parade and procession festivities are done, you can walk around a bit and enjoy the city’s tourist spots. You can check out the mighty and majestic San Agustin Cathedral, the City Museum, Gaston Park, Duaw Park, and the center of activity in CDO, Divisoria.

In the evening, you can relax and enjoy some music and drinks while watching the urban sunset at the E-Bar, CDO’s only rooftop bar. Refresh yourself with the best cocktail and wine varities while savoring some hors d’oeuvres.

It’s going to be a totally fun, entertaining, and relaxing Higalaay 2016 experience at The Pacifico Boutique Hotel. So, go and book a room now. Call 0917-864 4099 or 0998-549 3629 to avail of the promo rate. Visit the hotel’s Facebook page to get more updates.

Happy Higalaay, everyone!


(Photos provided by The Pacifico Boutique Hotel)

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