“When you’re with me

You give your brightest smile

You think I’m dumb

But you’re never gonna dim my light….

Sweet lips

All you ever did was lie

Sweet lips

Sharp fangs behind that smile

Sweet lips

With one kiss you’re gonna die

Sweet lips

Can’t hide your dark inside.”

These are the lyrics to David Mercado’s Sweet Lips, the first single off his EP Secrets Revealed. The catchy tune was released last month and became an instant hit, with a TikTok contest that had people of all ages showing off their best dance moves.

As of this writing, Sweet Lips has been streamed 24, 102 times on Spotify. That’s just for one streaming service. People are also busy sharing the song on various social media, so expect the numbers to continue going up!

Now, David is one who doesn’t want to rest on his laurels, so even as Sweet Lips continues to create ripples; he’s ready to dish out yet another surprise.


On September 27, we shall all be checking our favorite digital music channels as David drops the 2nd song off his EP. While Sweet Lips talked about two-faced people and fake friends, Changes is an acoustic pop tune that sets off an entirely different mood.

According to David, his 2nd single is about “how the changes in life also change how we define love.” It’s something that we can all relate with – whether we’re talking about romantic love, family, or love for a friend. So, when you lose someone (to another person or for a certain reason or circumstance), you might have separated ways but you’ll continue to love that someone in a different way. You’ll always feel a connection to that person. It’s a recurring theme in many romantic movies, and I believe it’s about time that someone said it in a song.

I haven’t heard it yet, but I’m sure Changes is as poetic as my favorite Martin Nievera songs. David’s voice has the same kind of quality, timber, and drama as the Concert King’s. So, I’m really excited about this new song.

Also, I’m sure Changes will be a conversation starter. Just hearing David talk about it already had me playing a lot of scenarios in my head. Thinking about the surprises that he has prepared for us, his listeners, has gotten me quite excited as well. Will he ask us to prepare a slumbook-type definition of love? Or will there be another TitkTok challenge? Hmmmm….your guess is as good as mine!

So, mark your calendar with a big, red X on September 17 to make sure you won’t miss the online debut of Changes on all major digital music channels.

In the meantime, check out Sweet Lips on Spotify and YouTube:

And although the TikTok dance challenge has already ended, you can still dance to Sweet Lips and share your video with friends. The more people dancing, the merrier, right?

Get to know David better by checking out his website and following him on Facebook and Instagram. Follow him on Spotify, too, so you’ll have easy access to all his songs.

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