For several years now, Bigby’s has been celebrating Christmas with their deliciously prepared ball ham.

Bigby's Ball Ham - Sliced
Bigby’s Ball Ham – Sliced

This year, though, CDO’s favorite dining destination decided to shake things up a bit by introducing other festive and savory dishes to their holiday menu. One of the new delectable offerings is the roasted holiday turkey.

But, before I introduce you to Bigby’s special turkey, here are some interesting facts about turkey dishes in different parts of the world.

Bigby's Christmas Specials

Turkey Facts

Turkeys first appeared on Christmas tables in the UK in the 1840s and 1850s. Queen Victoria had turkey for Christmas in 1851, although there were traditional holiday dishes as well, like beef and goose. While Charles Dickers featured the turkey on a Christmas table in “A Christmas Carol,” it wasn’t until after World War II that the dish became UK’s traditional Christmas meal.

In the US, the turkey is considered the centerpiece of every family’s dining table during Thanksgiving dinners. It’s also on their Christmas dinner tables. Likewise, there are other countries in the world that celebrate Christmas by feasting on delicious cooked turkey, including Ireland, France, Croatia, Ecuador, and Belgium.

While the turkey isn’t popular here in the Filipinos, there are many Filipino families that would love to make their Christmas noche buena more delectable with the addition of a juicy, flavorful roasted turkey. And this is exactly what Bigby’s offers.

Bigby’s Roasted Holiday Turkey

Bigby’s roasted holiday turkey is rich in flavor as it is kept in a special brine for 48 hours. A combination of fresh herbs and yellow lemon makes its meat tender and juicy. Before the turkey is placed inside the oven, it is covered with a special butter mixture, which gives it a golden brown glow.

Bigby's Roasted Holiday Turkey
Bigby’s Roasted Holiday Turkey

And, of course, what’s a turkey without stuffing? Bigby’s special stuffing is a mixture of herbs and spices and bread. It perfectly pleases the senses and satisfies the palate.

Bigby’s roasted holiday turkey and ball ham will make for a sumptuous Christmas feast that you cannot resist. If you want this juicy, delicious duo on your noche buena table, pre-order now. You can also pre-order at least three days before your Christmas feast. Send a message to Bigby’s Facebook page for more details.

All-time Favorites and the Bigby’s Hot Box

Bigby's Party Favorites
Bigby’s Party Favorites Hot Box

If you want to fill your Christmas table with all the good food you can find in CDO, you can order your all-time favorites such as Rack-a-Bye Baby, Chicken-in-a-Basket, and Chix Ahoy! You have the option to add a hot box for your party favorites, so you can enjoy them piping hot.

Check out what the hot box does by clicking this video link:

Plan your Christmas feast with Bigby’s. Call or send them an SMS at 0917-6773297 (Centrio Mall), 0917-7087594 (SM Uptown), or 0917-7098989 (SM Downtown).

Happy Bigby’s Christmas, everyone! 🙂

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