Yes, an invasion will take place on Saturday, December 17, 2011, at Karomata/Punchbowl as ONOFF Entertainment brings the Nick Automatic Invasion Tour 2011 to Cagayan de Oro City. Nick Automatic is known for creating outstanding apparel, especially t-shirts that speak volumes in terms of style and message. Nick Automatic also supports bands, hence the Invasion Tour.

The CDO Invasion Tour will feature a lot of interesting guest bands – like Maria Campbell, The Philippine Cockroach and Save the Queen (all from Cebu); Davao’s ┬áTo The Tune of Lilies and Cotabato’s Molly Rome. Exciting performances will also be delivered by some of CDO’s best indie bands, specifically Leave Me A Note; Hoodswhite; Banda ni Papet; Salvar and Harlequin among others. Tattoo lovers will also love the Tattoo Show Off.

Entrance for this one-of-a-kind invasion is at Php80.00. If you’re willing to spend more, however, shelling out Php480.00 will not only get you a Nick Automatic shirt; you also get free entrance to the event! Quite a good deal, considering all the wonderful stuff that you’ll get in return!

The Nick Automatic Invasion Tour 2011 is supported by CDO Ink, BLESS SK8TIQUE and media partners Mellow Touch 95.7 FM and SariSari Sounds.

OnOff Entertainment, which is presenting the event along with Nick Automatic, is a group created in 2006 with the primary aim of helping and promoting local talents, especially those in Mindanao. The group has been active in the concert and events scene for quite awhile and is credited for putting together successful gigs like the recently concluded Tattak Tattoo Competition the Hardcore Vitals (the latest of which was in September this year).

Don’t miss this exciting night of fun and music! This invasion happens only once in a lifetime!

For more information about this different kind of musical invasion, check out this link. You may also want to check out Nick Automatic’s blog, so you’ll be constantly updated with all their new designs. Check out this radio ad, too.



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