My husband and I watch a lot of TV series. But, we haven’t had a cable TV subscription since 2014, so we either stream or download the shows that we watch. Around December last year, we decided to buy an indoor antenna, so my dad can watch the news programs. So far, so good. He was quite satisfied with his nightly dates with TV Patrol. He also started to watch Ang Probinsyano. For his daily intake of foreign news, daddy simply relied on live streams over the Internet.

While daddy watched the local shows in the early evening, we would all sit down and watch our favorite downloaded TV shows at around 9pm. This became our daily routine from December until last month, when we first got our taste of the mahiwagang black box of ABS-CBN.

The ABS-CBN TV Plus Experience

The mahiwagang black box is ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation’s TV Plus, a digital box that uses digital signals in bringing clearer TV viewing to audiences. With the black box, those who are non-cable subscribers can now enjoy watching exclusive channels and pay-per-view channels, along with regular channels like ABS-CBN and ABS-CBN Sports (formerly Studio 23). You don’t need an indoor or outdoor antenna to watch the shows you want. Best of all, there is no monthly fee required.


To get your ABS-CBN TV Plus black box, all you need to do is pay a one-time fee of Php1999 and you’re ready to take home your entertainment set. Inside the package, you’ll find the digibox, an AV cable, a portable 5-meter antenna, batteries, and adapter. Your black box also comes with an ABS-CBN Mobile prepaid SIM with a Php50 load. The digibox is compatible with any TV set that comes with an AV input.

What’s inside the ABS-CBN TV Plus pack.

Easy Installation

We received our digibox on a Friday morning, but since I got home quite late that night already, we weren’t able to set it up until after dinner. My husband simply read and followed the instructions indicated in the installation guide that comes with the box. In a matter of minutes, our mahiwagang black box was alive!

The installation guide includes simple illustrations of the steps in setting up the digibox. Here are samples of the instructions pages:

Likewise, the guide includes for scanning and re-scanning of the channels, which is one of the first things you need to do after installing the box.

The Channels

The list of channels may not be as extensive as that of a regular cable TV, but you get to enjoy six regular channels, plus one pay-per-view channel.

Aside from ABS-CBN Channel 2 and ABS-CBN Sports, your kids can watch all the cartoons they want on Yey!, while also learning about interesting stuff over at the Knowledge Channel. There’s also the DZMM Teleradyo channel, and CineMo, which shows both local and international films. CineMo is also the home of the first local sitcom made for digital TV, Funny Ka Pare Ko, which stars Karla Estrada, Bayani Agbayani, Jason Gainza, Ryan Rems, No Direction, and the Crazy Duo.


ABS-CBN TV Plus’ pay-per-view channel is called KBO, or Kapamilya Box Office. Compared to regular PPV channels, KBO is very affordable. All you need to do is load Php30 to your ABS-CBN Mobile prepaid SIM, follow some activation instructions, and you’re ready to enjoy watching your favorite local and foreign movies. KBO viewing, however, is available only on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). It offers non-stop, advertisement-free movie viewing, perfect for a relaxing weekend. Dolce Amore fans will also enjoy a catch up marathon on KBO, while music video fans will love their access to Myx starting at 12am.

As a special treat for June, all ABS-CBN TV Plus users who purchased their boxes this month will enjoy a one month free trial subscription for KBO.

If you’re wondering whether non-ABS-CBN channels can be picked up by the digibox, the answer is YES. But, this is only possible if these channels have digital signals here in Cagayan de Oro. In Davao, for example, Pastor Quiboloy’s channel is shown on ABS-CBN TV Plus because it is already digital. In Metro Manila, digibox users can pick up over 20 channels, depending on the digital signals the black box can detect.

ABS-CBN is planning to add more channels to its current lineup.

The Emergency Warning Broadcast System and the ABS-CBN TV Plus Tambayan

ABS-CBN TV Plus has an Emergency Warning Broadcast System, which is the first of its kind in the country. The EWBS is basically an information channel that offers tips for users on what to do during an emergency. Very useful, especially for the rainy, stormy season.

Additionally, the digibox also comes with the ABS-CBN TV Plus Tambayan, the ideal channel for anyone who wants updates on weather news. Tambayan also offers other useful information like sale alerts and kitchen recipes. It’s like a televised and digitized tambayan where you can get details on practically anything that you want to know about.

Our Experience

Since we started using the mahiwagang black box, our TV viewing experience has never been the same. Of course, we can’t get channels showing our favorite TV series, but we’re contented with what we have.

My dad can watch TV Patrol and Ang Probinsyano every day. And the reception is absolutely clear.



We can watch the NBA finals even if we do not have cable connection.

My dad spends his afternoons watching action movies on CineMo. And when my nephews came for a visit, they had fun with Dora and Peppa Pig over at the Yey! channel. They also watched The Knowledge Channel and had fun learning!



Late afternoons are reserved for following the news on DZMM Teleradyo.


Two weekends ago, my sister-in-law and I started watching movies on KBO. Our marathon began with Pagpag: Siyam na Buhay and then we laughed out loud while watching Beauty and the Bestie. I also liked the story of Griffin & Phoenix. Last Saturday, I watched No Other Woman and one of my all-time favorites, All You Need is Pag-Ibig. My husband and I also enjoyed watching My Soul to Take, a Wes Craven film.


We’re looking forward to watching more movies on KBO.

Where to Buy

The ABS-CBN TV Plus mahiwagang black box is already available here in Cagayan de Oro. You can buy one from any of the following stores: Octagon Computer, Robinson’s Appliances, Interpace, Graphic, Technomart, Abenson Appliances, SM Appliance, The SM Store, Wizmaster, Silicon Valley, Gaisano, and Ororama. Again, there is no monthly fee; all you need is a one-time payment of Php1999. The ABS-CBN Mobile prepaid SIM already comes with the box. No need to buy an antenna, too!

Interpace LKK Window Display

Coverage for ABS-CBN TV Plus is quite expansive. Users from Laguindingan to Balingoan can avail of the mahiwagang black box and enjoy digital TV experience.

For more information about ABS-CBN TV Plus, check out their official website here. You may also visit their Facebook page here. Or, you can contact the local distributor for Cagayan de Oro at 0917-7234624.

Happy digital TV viewing!

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