The last drawing I posted was way back October last year. I planned to post one or two last December, but after what TS Sendong/Washi did to my beloved Cagayan de Oro, I didn’t have the heart to draw anything for days. This new post is somewhat a reminder to myself – a reminder that things will soon become better for my city and its people…that things are slowly going back to normal.

And so, I start with my drawings again…

Day 15 in the drawing challenge requires me to draw a dinosaur. Well, I drew a dinosaur, all right…but it’s not one of those that you’ll see at the Dinosaurs Alive show at LimKetKai Mall! I got the idea from one of the many images I Googled. I think what I did was a baby dinosaur. Or rather, something that slightly resembles a baby dinosaur. (If the big bad wolf would see my drawing, he’d be awed by the BIG eyes of my dino! Hehe.)

All right, enough with the blabbering! Here’s what I did for Day 15…my baby dino!…


So, there you go! What does it look like to you? Does it even resemble a dino? At least I did my best!

Anyway, if you love dinosaurs, you still have time to check out the Dinos Alive attraction at the Atrium of LimKetKai Mall. Entrance is at Php350, and you can roam the “forest” for an hour. The doors open at 10am and will close at 9pm. Check it out if you want to see life-sized dinosaurs that move!

(My dino drawing is nothing close to the spectacular Dinosaurs you’ll see at the Atrium!)

Till my next drawing! Stay happy and healthy!

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